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How Is Your Male Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosis Done?

How Is Your Male Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosis Done?

Are you suffering from sexual dysfunction symptoms and are you wondering how is your male sexual dysfunction diagnosis done? Read on to find all the answers you have been searching for on this serious situation you discover yourself in.

What Is The Main Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

The truth is that there is no single reason for weakness in man and different men would suffer from this due to various reasons. But there are two main causes for this problem:

1.Physical Factors:

These are inclusive of diseases that have affected the nervous system, thyroid disorders, heart disease, injuries or conditions that directly affect the penis, diabetes – especially type 2, adrenal lesions (Cushing’s syndrome), hypogonadism (sufficient testosterone is not produced by the testicles), damages that have arisen as a result of pelvic surgery and some form of disease that is debilitating or serious and causes intense fatigue.

2. Psychological Factors:

These include sexual aversion disorders, anxiety and having guilty feelings about sex, to name a few.

Male Sexual Problems Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that signify that you could be Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction age, and that you would be in need of male sexual dysfunction diagnosis. Here are some of these symptoms:

  • You can get an orgasm only when you have oral sex or when you masturbate.
  • You lack the desire to have sex.
  • You have an erection that persists and the worst part is, it has nothing to do with a desire of you wanting to have sex.
  • You are not able to maintain your erection long enough for you to achieve penetration when you have sex.
  • You suffer from lack of ejaculation.
  • You have no interest at all in sexual contact.
  • You can get an orgasm only in the most taboo or bizarre conditions, like for instance, weird kinds of fetishes.
  • You are unable to get an erection and even if you do, you are not able to maintain it.
  • You have no kind of sexual fantasies at all.
  • You can get an orgasm only after you have been stimulated for an unusually long period of time.
  • Your ejaculation is bloody.
  • You are unable to ejaculate, even though there are signs that you are sexually aroused and a good amount of sexual stimulation has been got by you.
  • You find it extremely tough to control the time of your ejaculation and you orgasm very fast when you have sex.

Are You Seeking Answers To Sexual Problems And Solutions?

In most cases, the best person to help you with this would be a doctor. Most likely, your doctor would initiate this process with you, with a physical examination. This would include any, most or all of the following:

  • Checking your blood pressure.
  • Doing an examination of your rectum so as to check your prostrate.
  • Carrying out blood tests to check your cholesterol, blood sugar (to see if you have diabetes) and checking your levels of testosterone.

Your doctor might also do some other tests on you with regards to male sexual dysfunction diagnosis, so as to determine if you have issues with the flow of blood to your penis and if you need Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for this and also if you have any issues related to your nerve impulses.

It could also be possible that your doctor could ask you some questions about your symptoms and also about your medical history and your sexual history which could help your doctor determine your sexual desire disorders, in case you happen to have any.

Do Not Get Embarrassed

Though you may feel these questions regarding your male sexual dysfunction diagnosis, to be extremely personal, especially any that might be asked about erectile dysfunction, never get embarrassed.

Keep in mind the fact that your doctor is only asking you these questions, so that he/she can help you. As such, you really have no cause for worry. Look at the flip side, if your doctor does not ask you all the necessary questions, how would he/she be able to help you with male sexual dysfunction treatment?

So, no matter how personal or how embarrassing these questions might seem, be sure that you answer your doctor with total honesty, in order to enable your doctor to give you the very best Sexual Dysfunction Treatment.

Based on the nature of your predicament, you would need to go to different kinds of doctors such as a sex therapist or an endocrinologist or a urologist or some other kind of doctor, for a proper male sexual dysfunction diagnosis.

When Do You See A Doctor?

This is when you would need to get in touch with a doctor for your male sexual dysfunction diagnosis:

  • You have no desire at all to have sexual contact.
  • You are unable to get orgasms.
  • You have painful erections.
  • You and also your partner go through a lot of stress due to your sexual problems.
  • You find it painful when you have sex.
  • You cannot control the time of your ejaculation and so you ejaculate very soon when you are having sex.
  • You are unable to get an erection and the rare times when you do, you are just not able to keep it up.

It Is Time To See A Doctor

If you find yourself in any of the above predicaments, have no doubt about it at all that you need to go and see a doctor to get male sexual dysfunction diagnosis done.

It is not at all advisable that you sit and contemplate on the issue and hope that things will work out for you for the better. This is not the way male sexual problems get resolved.

If you happen to find out that you are suffering from male impotency, you can be sure of one thing, this issue is not going to get sorted out all on its own and the longer you wait, you are only prolonging the problem and making it worse.

The only solution available to you, is for you to see a male doctor specialist, the moment you find that you are facing some kind of sexual problem. This is the one and only one true way of getting male sexual dysfunction diagnosis done, in the right way!

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