How to Boost Immune System during the Spread of Coronavirus

Immune System Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a dangerous virus caused by a newly identified coronavirus.

Most people infected with the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) will feel mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without proper treatment.

More adult (Older) people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease are more prone to develop a critical illness.

The most reliable way to stop and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the Coronavirus, its causes, and how it spreads. Shield yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub regularly and not touching your face.

The Coronavirus spreads initially through droplets of spit or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s vital that you also practice respiratory behavior.

At this moment, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19.

“There are different methods you can boost your immune system to make it as reliable and effective as Possible!!

1. Reduce Stress

Stress can overcome the immune system and make you weaker to infection, according to specialists.

The study has found that Stress causes a discharge of the hormone cortisol, which can boost inflammation, a precursor too many diseases, in your body.

Chronic Stress may also conflict with your white blood cell’s infection-fighting ability, giving you extra sensitive to getting illnesses.

One of the UK’s leading Immunologists, said: “Stress is one of the main contributors to an unstable immune system and awareness to infections.

“It’s necessary to try and conquer as much as you can through breathing techniques or just taking a moment to have a good cuppa.”

2. Eat Lots of Fruit and Veg

Eating Lots of fruit and veg each day can work miracles for your immune system.

“Fruits and veggies help provide your body with antioxidants it needs to fight oxidative stress, which involves getting a sickness, in your body.”

Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, butternut squash and beetroot are rich in beta-carotene, which our bodies turn to vitamin A.

We need vitamin A to keep the mucosal walls in our nose and lungs healthy enough to defend against infection. Other foods to include are orange and red fruits such as oranges, mango, apricots, and melon.

3. Take Some Quality Sleep

One of the most natural ways people pick up viruses is by empowering themselves to get run down. When we are running a feather, our body is not able to support off infection as it usually

Would. That’s why it is so essential to make sure you get plenty of sleep.

4. Wash Your Hand Regularly

It may look simple, but following up with good health habits can help when it comes to staying healthy.

Cleaning your hands all time you visit the toilet, before and after cooking food, and at different times throughout the day will pay dividends.

Health experts say the most reliable way to protect yourself is to wash your hands with soap and water. It takes about 20 seconds. Public Health England has launched an awareness campaign to remind people to wash their hands when:

  • You get to work or come home
  • After you blow your nose, cough or sneeze
  • Before you eat or touch food

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is known to be spreading via droplets from coughs and sneezes. So touching covers where these droplets may have arrived means you could easily pick it up. It would help if you also coughed or sneeze into tissues before binning them.

5. Keep Exercising

Training (Exercise) can be one of the biggest things to Boost Immunity, and this may be due to various mechanisms.

As exercise can help proper circulation, our immune cells can move through the body more efficiently. These immune cells seem to be excited by even mild exercise.

But we have to be concerned because too much activity is stressful on the body and can be hard on our immune system. Keep the other tips in mind: Keep Stress low, and if you’re tired, rest.

6. Consume immunity-boosting vitamins

To boost your immune system, you can eat immunity-boosting foods like citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach. If your immune system is now weak, it can also be helpful to improve with crucial vitamins and minerals that may have become spent like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

“Dietary sources of vitamin D include eggs and fatty fish, but it is exciting to get confirmed levels from food alone, so many people choose to take a vitamin D supplement.”

7. Quit Smoking

Smokers have an enhanced risk of developing infections and suffering critical complications from those infections. We shouldn’t need more other reasons not to smoke, but a time like this highlights the importance even more

8. Drink alcohol in low quantities

Drinking too much alcohol can seriously affect the organ functions. And becoming a weak immune system, you will quickly catch some liver disease or infection.

Doctors are also claiming that too much consumption of alcohol can make the patient suffer from (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

It is also one of the conditions in a person affected by the Coronavirus. Reduce your daily amounts and avoid alcohol intake unless you needed.

9. Reduce Inflammation

Sugar, processed meat, vegetable oils, and alcohol tend to be inflammatory foods, so they busy the immune system, leaving other difficulties in your body unaddressed.

That’s why it can be helpful to remove these inflammatory foods if we want a healthy immune system.

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